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Men’s ties have a very bad habit: they are used very little, compared to their number, often very large, in men’s wardrobes. But it cannot be omitted that they are made of very good quality materials, often silk, being extremely beautifully colored. Because their wear practically excludes the wear of the material, maybe only except in situations where it stains, the ties can be reused. There are some simple and creative ways in which they can receive a new life and can be transformed into new, useful and beautiful things.

Zipper bag

It is useful whether you use it for cosmetics, for children’s pencils or for various small items, so that they are all in one place, easy to find, in the bag. 

It is simple to make and you can use all the material contained in a tie, including the lining and reinforcements. The first step is to undo all the seams. It’s amazing how much material is actually in a tie. Subsequently, the bag must be cut and the pieces of fabric sewn. Use the tie print to make interesting combinations or combine the material of two or three ties. The lining and reinforcements can be used to double the bag. Finally, mount a zipper and reuse, to add originality, the label on the back of the tie.

Exactly the same can be done in bags, in which you can put fragrant dried plants (such as lavender), perfect to be placed in closets or drawers with linen or to store fine objects (silk stockings, for example). 

how to reuse old ties

Silk laces

It is one of the simplest solutions, being useful especially if it is a stained tie, which can not be used in any other way, but which is made of an expensive material and is beautifully colored. The laces are easy to make: all you have to do is untie the tie, following all the seams, so that you use all the material. With a pair of scissors, cut the tie lengthwise into two strips, exactly in half. Subsequently, starting from the smallest width, equal, long and narrow pieces are formed. They must be twisted and possibly sewn or ironed. You will get two long laces, perfect for boot modelswith many holes. The smaller parts of the material are perfect for making short laces or for children’s shoes. The ends can be sealed, brushing on them a very strong adhesive, in two or three stages. 

Exactly on the same principle you can make cords and ribbons for packaging and decorating gifts. They are very simple to make and will be spectacular, being about silk and fabrics with unique prints. 

what can you do with old ties

Raw material for patchwork

Anyone can do a patchwork . The secret of success is to be patient and choose materials from the same type of fibers, cut evenly. The final size of the patchwork is not important. It can be small enough to cover a chair or wear a decorative pillow, it can be perfect for a medium-sized blanket, suitable for children, or it can be large, for a double bed blanket. From the materials of the ties, previously untied from all the seams and well ironed before, you can cut the pieces of material you need. 

If you have the necessary skills or want to do skill and patience exercises, keep in mind that a patchwork can also be made of asymmetrical pieces, so that most of the material of a tie can be reused.   

hair bands from old crates

Hair bands

Turning a tie into a hair band is simple and does not require much effort to do so. This time, you don’t even have to take off your tie. Just cut the narrow side and scrape the place carefully, using a thread of the right color, then catch the ends with a sturdy elastic. The wide part of the tie can be bent inwards, for a band of equal width, or it can be cut. 

Another option is to pass a metal wire (an andrea, for example) through the inside of the tie. Wrinkle the tie as evenly as possible, then sew in the middle so that all those wrinkles that form are preserved. Remove the wire and attach the ends with a piece of thick elastic. The resulting ribbon is original and, most likely, you will arouse the curiosity of those around you. 

The narrow parts of the ties can be easily transformed into hair bands. All you have to do is pass a very durable elastic inside them. 

silk ties

Decorative pillows

Starting from the idea that the material from which the ties are made is a very good quality, often being natural silk, very nicely printed, it is worth considering its reuse to include it in the faces for decorative pillows . You can choose the version of a puzzle, in which to combine several pieces of material, from several different ties, or to insert a piece of silk in a material that fits chromatically. 

If you choose to combine, using several ties, choose those that have similar shades or an identical color. The idea is for the association to start from a common element. 

And bow ties that are no longer used are perfect to be reused to decorate pillows. Sometimes, bow ties also have handkerchiefs in the set, which can be used to create new, beautiful, practical and unique objects. 

Crazy ideas

There are many other uses you can give to a tie. It can be used as a belt with a pair of jeans or a skirt . You can widen a skirt or a pair of pants. Fully untie a seam and tie the tie to the item of clothing, putting the narrow part at the waist. The effect is original, and the combination of colors and materials will transform an old piece of clothing into something new and original. From the silk of a tie you can cut a collar for a blouse or a dress. 

Imagine a long silk skirt, made only of ties, no matter the dominant color or pattern. You just have to sew the ties from each other, from top to bottom. It is useful to unfold each piece separately and cut them to have exactly the same size. Keep their V-shaped tip, if they are at the same level or cut it and make it. Such an impressive skirt is worn with a simple, black blouse. 

You can sew several ties together, without undoing them, using the widest part of them and putting them alternately (wide and narrow part), to finally get a regular shape, which can be used as a rug or to decorate a wall or to give personality to an armchair / sofa backrest. Either way, it will be something original. 

Also without undoing the ties, you can sew, side by side, the widest part of them, on an old lampshade , to give it a new face. Such a creation goes perfectly in the bedroom.

Reusing objects that have lost their original destination is a step that proves creativity, but it is also a way in which we can practice our skill and imagination. But, more than that, it is a very simple way to reuse energy-invested goods. In addition, it should not be overlooked that a tie is a very personal item that a loved one (a grandfather, a parent) wore, so it could even be a proof of love. 

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